Debra Yates and Benjamin Burle are internationally known for creating clean-lined stylish space, elegant outdoor rooms and sculptural native gardens.

“We create space as sculpture and blur the lines of interior and exterior”.

Painter/Designer Debra Yates and her son & design partner Benjamin Burle, create soft, clean, minimalist style which is unmistakable, combining tranquility and sophistication.

The innovative all-encompassing style showcases a true creative vision. Burle and Yates call this fresh design approach Subtropical Modernism.

Debra Yates has enthralled clients with crisp, sculptural, minimal, harmonious, and color-splashed all-white style. The gardens created by Yates and Burle are mostly native and simple, using repetition of groupings to create rhythm and trees as sculptural elements.

There is often the element of water in their gardens with boldly colored or mosaic tiled walls becoming eye catching backdrops for cascading waterfalls.

Instead of just adopting mainstream design styles, Yates and Burle say “We are always striving to say something new about design in the Subtropics”.

*BURLEYATESDESIGN is not a licensed architecture or interior design firm.