Mount Soledad Garden

La Jolla

This hillside Coastal California garden design included
heightened privacy, a serene outdoor living space,
mature native plantings and a raised deck for viewing
the sunset sky.
The client decided to pursue a new design for her
rear garden space due to the building of a “mega
mansion” next door and she was afraid that her privacy
would be diminished.
To seclude the rear spaces a “living wall” of 40 mature
Indian Laurel trees were craned into place on the slope
and along the inverted-V property line.
Layered in front of the trees to the East is a second
privacy layer, a new 10’ tall black mesh privacy fence.
Filling in along the slope are 18 Kentia Palms.
A new ochre colored concrete retaining wall separates
the slope from the grassy area.
A black and White cushion was added for impact.
White drapes frame the new outdoor living room.
A horizontal mirror hangs on corregated galvanized
steel and reflect the garden and enlarges the space.
Accenting the sunny deck corner is a bold triangular
bench that leads to the gravel-filled treads that climb
to the upper deck surrounded by White Sage,
California Lilac and native grasses.

Photographs by Benjamin Burle