Frances Street

Key West

There is a relaxed elegance to this 1930's
historic Key West “eyebrow” house.
First renovated in 2011 as a spec home, it was
purchased in May of 2014 to be used as a
Winter retreat.
The project was completed just in time for
the Winter season of 2015.
Though completely renovated, the house was
bland and cold and beige.
The client requested a modern but warm design
using tasteful restraint.
The designer met with the clients only twice during
the seven month design and installation process.
The brown floors became whitewashed & the tan
walls were painted white.
The white 8' tall fences became very dark gray
and the deck boards were white washed to match
the interior floor wash.
Bold color was introduced along the way.
Every misplaced invasive palm, tree and
shrub was removed.
In their place, native green thatch palms grace
the streetscape while Pigeon Plum and Spanish Stopper
trees fill the newly created planter
spaces on the pool deck.
8' x 8' plywood boxes were stuccoed, painted with
salmon colored lime based paint and hung on the
existing fences delineating separate spaces
for outdoor living and dining.
Horizontal mirrors were hung and rugs and
furnishings put in place.
Confederate Jasmine vines were planted in
over sized pots and trellised to soften the space.
Every detail was carefully measured and drawn
on a scaled plan so that no mistakes were made
in the process.
Every piece of furniture, planter cuts,
trees, carpets and lighting, etc.,
were carefully choreographed to fit like
a glove and function properly.

Photographs by Barry Fitzgerald