Historic Cottage Studio

Parrot Cove, Lake Worth Beach

This 1945 historic cottage is home to the
award-winning design practice of Yates & Burle
as well as the painting studio of Debra Yates.
Purchased in early 2016 after relocating
their studios from Key West and Midtown Miami,
Yates & Burle re-designed the entire property
inside and out.
First the existing exotic invasive plantings and
an abundance of red mulch were removed.
Over 40 Florida native trees and plants were
Introduced, including a mature Sea Grape tree
craned in to shade the entry.
A natural habitat was created to support an
abundance of local and migratory birds as well
as other beneficial wildlife.
Native plantings were uniquely matched with
hardscapes of coquina shell, lava rock, granite
gravel and reclaimed railroad ties, creating an
authentic coastal old Florida feel.
The interior was transformed with white,
incorporating materials true to the original 1940’s
Abstract paintings by Yates and her dear friend
Roberto Burle Marx hang above original Dade
County Pine flooring.
The studio is showered in natural light with
views out to the exterior deck and private garden.
Mature White Indigo Berry and Pigeon Plum
trees were intentionally placed outside of windows
to showcase birds, bees and endangered Tillandsias.
Surrounded by the incredible beauty of Florida’s
native flora and fauna creativity flows.

Photographs by Benjamin Burle