North Lakeside Retreat

Lake Worth Beach

A sophisticated, contemporary, architectural landscape totally
planted with native trees and palms gives a look into the future
of living with nature in South Florida.
This early 1950's mid-Century Modern ranch style house on a
prominent corner of the Historic Parrot Cove neighborhood in
Lake Worth Beach has been transformed.
The conceptual exterior design plan received approval from
the Historical Review Board in May of 2017.
Grass was removed, the site grade was lowered and two
huge Mahogany trees were thinned under the direction of
Burle and Yates.
The volumes of the building were painted in five different
rich tones to accentuate the newly planted mature, field grown
trees and palms.
Except for a few vines, the plantings are all native to coastal
Palm Beach County and the Everglades.
Fences designed by Yates were carefully drawn.
The pool was designed by Yates to sit perfectly in the small
L-shaped rear garden.
The waterline is 18” above grade to create a coping ledge
that acts as a sunning bench on two sides with an 11’ long cushion.
The two sides of the pool closest to the house are Ipe decked
at the same level as the floor of the house with new sliding
doors bringing the outside inside.

Photographs by Benjamin Burle