Outdoor Rooms

Key West Style

Be surrounded by Songbirds and Butterflies
while enjoying being in the outdoor living
spaces of Yates and Burle.
The focus is on simplicity, minimalism, light,
lighting, open space, functionality and
eye-catching yet subtle styling.
Color is introduced in drifts, water for tranquility,
ambiance is paramount.
Every detail counts, in fact the entire exterior
space is seen as a single piece of sculpture
or a three dimensional painting.
A warm, harmonious and functional ambiance
is central to the finished look.
Whether it's a simple update or a major
renovation, simplicity, sustainability and
nature-based maintenance is key to sub-tropical,
coastal outdoor living.
We expand the flow of the living spaces so the
interior and exterior are in perfect harmony.
Lush gardens are intertwined and designed to be
enjoyed from within, on shaded porches or while
lounging on a pool's sunning ledge.
“Our outdoor rooms are always in harmony with
nature,” says Yates.

Photographs by Barry Fitzgerald