Truman Hotel

Key West

The Truman, a “hidden in plain sight” HIP hotel in
old town Key West is a quiet oasis with panache,
just a block from Duval Street.
Yates designed a complete piece of three-dimensional
art that is the hotel itself.
Starting with a set of Architectural plans, Yates first
designed the elevator and the custom interiors.
From the paintings on the walls,
the colors, surfaces, landscaping, furnishings, lighting,
fountains, music, and the Logo all have her sense of
ambiance and good design.
Sculptural Sabal Palms were craned into position over
the three-story structure.
Concrete walls were colored as volumes and softened
with vines creating living Green walls.
Approval by the Historical Architectural Review Board
was required on all exterior details.
.The design aesthetic is both uncomplicated and stylish.
A modern sculptural space that blends in
with the old.

Photographs by Barry Fitzgerald